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There are so many amazing YouTube channels for teens that you should never be bored on a Friday night when you're cooped up inside! When you're sick or out of school, sometimes it seems like there's nothing to do. However, with all the creative and entertaining YouTube channels for teens out there, you will always have something great to watch so that you'll never get bored!

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Michelle Phan

I love Michelle Phan for so many reasons! Her channel is certainly one of the best YouTube channels for teens, because not only does she produce easy-to-follow makeup tutorials, she also covers important topics. Her recent video "You Are More" shows how "not all labels are glamorous" by interviewing young people who have been bullied and harshly labeled by their peers. However, she makes sure to balance her serious videos with fun ones, like when her boyfriend does her makeup or she travels to Korea!


Michelle's channel truly resonates with her audience by offering a mixture of content that ranges from whimsical to thoughtful. Not just about beauty, she dives deep into self-care and empowerment, often sharing her own journey and hardships. This relatability makes her an idol to many. Her creative DIYs and life advice videos are just as engaging. She's a pioneer, having been on YouTube for over a decade, and her channel continues to grow and adapt with her audience. Whether you're looking for a spark of inspiration or a full-blown beauty guide, Michelle's channel has it all.



React videos are a great way to get informed on current issues in a fun, understandable way. This YouTube channel interviews kids and teens on current issues—some serious like gay marriage or interracial couples, some not so serious like new movie trailers. Either way, React is a great way to learn new things and begin forming your political and social opinions before you are eligible to vote.


Geek Gurl Diaries

The stereotypical teen YouTube channel consist of style, makeup, and hair vlogs with a few teenage girl rants thrown into the mix. But you and I both know that there's more to teen girls than just that! We aren't so superficial; some of us are real geeks! Geek Gurl Diaries explores the world of computer programming and technology, as well as interviews with inspirational women working in science-related fields! Embrace your inner-geek and learn something new from Geek Gurl Diaries!



If you've never seen a TED Talk before, stop reading and watch the video above! Okay, now that you've watched, don't you love TED Talks? I first discovered this YouTube channel during sophomore year, and since then I haven't been able to get enough! These videos are full of knowledge and perspective, all in the form of eloquent speeches! Every teen should watch TED Talks to expand their world view, begin to figure out their passion, and get the gears of their brain turning.


Roundhouse London

Roundhouse London is the perfect YouTube channel for teens. Why? Because every video on there is made by teens and young adults! Roundhouse London is an underground—literally— project that aims to help young artists get their work out there. Poets and musicians from around London contribute to this inspiring project, making Roundhouse London a must-watch channel for teens!



For when you don't exactly want to expand your mind, but would rather enjoy that stereotypical YouTube experience and watch makeup and fashion tutorials, Heart is your girl! She is so sweet, quirky, and stylish, you're guaranteed to love her channel! At the start of each season and around every holiday, her videos are the ones to watch if you want to keep up with new trends!


Button Poetry

I think every young woman should take time out of her day at least once a week to watch a Button Poetry video. Even if you're not a fan of spoken word, you will love Button Poetry! These up-and-coming poets speak on important issues that affect you, such as rape, feminism, and racism. ButtonPoetry will keep you informed with all of the moving and shaking going on in our society today!

Now you know, thanks to the wonderful world of the internet, no teen ever has a reason to be bored! There’s always some new inspirational video to watch, makeup tip to learn, and amazing artist to discover! Which YouTube channels do you love?

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Geek gurl diaries always reminds meof the vampire diaries lol xp

Bethany Mota too

BUZZFEED!? Cameron dallas? Superwoman? Rachel? Mylifeaseva? Maybaby?

Taylor u Boring tiger piece of skit


Sarah Kay is an incredible poet, if I should have a daughter is one of my all time favorites (it showed her on the Ted talk part)

May baby 😍

Tyler oakley👌

I only knew one of these

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