AlexFromTarget Makes His Way to the Ellen DeGeneres Show


Yup, #AlexFromTarget is still making headlines. Ellen heard all about the Internet sensation and invited him on to the show!
Ellen's known for bringing random people from the Internet on to her show and #AlexFromTarget was no exception! The Target employee made his way to the daytime show to talk about his "new found fame" and how he's just as confused about it as everyone else. He also brought up the fact that he now feels "pressured" to have to tweet every day! Ellen even encouraged Alex to take advantage of his fame and pursue some of his talents! Check it out:

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He is scrumptious

I think it's stupid that he is acknowledged more for his looks than who he is, or influential and inspirational people!

I'm confused..

Stupid...just stupid and shallow.

Don't be hurtful! That's what's wrong with the world!


And I'm victoria from subway

My God! If that is "what's wrong with wrong with the world" then the wrongness of what happens in the world is nothing!!

Idiots. Everywhere.

Just wow

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