Your First Boyfriend ☝🏼️ Should Have These 7 Traits 👍🏼 ...


The excitement of dating can sometimes eclipse your common sense.

But your first dating experience should be a good one!

Before you jump into a relationship, make sure he has these 7 traits.

1. Patience

A good first boyfriend should be patient in every way.

He shouldn’t have a short temper and yell at you all the time.

He also shouldn’t rush you to do anything you’re not ready for.

An impatient guy is bad news, especially for your first boyfriend.

2. Humor

A guy with a good sense of humor is so much more fun to be around than a guy who’s serious all of the time.

You should be able to laugh together, make jokes with and about each other, and always leave your dates with a smile on your face.

If he takes everything too seriously, he may start draining your energy and bringing your mood down instead of making you feel better.

3. Respect

If you notice that he’s disrespectful to anyone—his parents, teachers, or peers— know that the time will come when he disrespects you and your family, too.

You shouldn’t have to earn his respect—he should just be a person who respects your right to privacy, space, time, etc.

4. Positivity

You’ll be amazed by how much he rubs off on you.

You might think you can compartmentalize your life, but if he’s a negative person, you’ll slowly become less positive too.

Make sure he has an optimistic outlook on life and doesn’t bring you down.

5. Trusting

If you're going to enter a relationship with someone, there needs to be a certain level of trust between both of you.

He shouldn't assume that as soon as you leave a date with him, you're running off to see another guy.

If he doesn't trust you, he may become more possessive and controlling overtime.

At first, it may seem cute and protective, but be alert to make sure it doesn't escalate.

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