12. Substantiate

Definition: (verb) provide evidence to support or prove the truth of

Replaces: proves

Throughout an analysis essay, you probably craft a myriad of phrases employing the word “prove”. After all, every author’s goal is to prove something, right? However, it’s advantageous to include a greater variety of words, in order to engender an essay worthy of an A!

You never want to use this word erroneously, though, or else you’ll have an egregious outcome! Your teacher wants to see that the piece you read galvanized you to assert your opinion with a wider vocabulary, but tossing in big words incorrectly won’t help you. Before you use this word, a very salient step is ensuring that you reason through all of your vocabulary options; does the author vindicate, confirm, justify, or actually substantiate the claim? There are so many words out there, make sure you choose the right one!

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