7 Weird Study Habits That Actually Work ...


We all had or have study habits in our desire to come out of a semester with flying colors (or at least with passing grades).

I rounded up some people who shared their weird study habits that actually worked for them.

In this piece, I am also sharing some of my study habits that proved to be effective in my quest for more knowledge.

Word of caution: these are not scientifically proven habits so proceed with care:

1. While Watching TV

I don't agree with this study habit because honestly, I think it divides your attention and takes your mind off the very thing that you should be doing: STUDYING!

But it works for John, 24, who graduated with a degree in library science and went on to be on the topnotcher's list of the board exam for professional librarians.

"They said it's multitasking.

I say it's giving your brain time to breathe while you're doing serious stuff.

Does that make any sense?" Doesn't to me but...whatever works.3

While Listening to Music
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