5. Surround Yourself with Other People

Bullies are much more likely to harass you when you are alone. They see this as an opportunity to attack since you become an 'easy target' and have no witnesses to confirm the bullying behaviour that may take place. They might also think that since no one is there to see it, no one will believe you if you tried to tell someone about it afterwards.

Of course it's pretty hard to be with someone else 24/7, but you can make sure you're with others more often than not. If you're at school and you tend to do certain things by yourself such as buying lunch, going to your locker or walking home from school, ask a friend or two to come with you for these activities so that the bully is aware that you have company.

That way, if you cross paths with the bully, they will see you have a witness and will most likely decide to keep quiet.

Ignore Their Bullying Behaviour
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