4. Avoid the Bully if Possible

Sometimes this can be impossible, especially if you're at school and share a few classes with the bully. But even so, there are still ways of avoiding them and staying out of their way. One way to do this would be to simply distance yourself from them, for example sit on the other side of the room and try to avoid making eye contact, because most of the time, bullies are looking for any little reason to pick on certain people.

So don't give them any reason to do this, if you can help it! If you are able to do this, chances are they will start to leave you alone and hassle you less and less, until one day it stops altogether.

If you both leave school in the same direction, another idea to try is to simply wait a couple of minutes after them so that you don't have to cross paths, or you could even explore other options of getting home such as walking down a few different streets to avoid the possibility of running into them.

Surround Yourself with Other People
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