Ultimate πŸ’― List of Tips πŸ“– to Help You Revise Smarter πŸ€“ ...


Knowing you have to revise can make you feel like you have to be attached at the hip to your books and notes.

If you can't get into the right mindset, don't have the right tools or plan, you can find yourself flailing around, and ultimately failing.

What you need before you even think about staring is this list of best revision tips ...

ever ...

like ever, ever,

1. Exercise


The healthier your body is, the healthier your mind is and the more enthused you will be to be productive and revise.

2. Take Breaks

Take Breaks

Don’t power through.

Take a ten-minute break every hour to recharge your batteries.

3. Take Care

Take Care

Don’t put revision above your own health;

you will be no good during exams if you are ill.3

4. Meditate


Take some time out to meditate.

Focusing your mind can do wonders for boosting productivity.

5. Record Yourself

Record Yourself

Make voice notes of important facts to learn so that you can revise while you are on the move.

6. Apps


Make the most of all the brilliant revision apps that are available for tablets and smartphones nowadays.

7. Sync Notes

Sync Notes

Sync your notes between your phone, tablet and computer so that you can always get to them in any situation.

8. Sleep


It’s vital that you get the regular, recommended amount of sleep per night;

your brain needs time to relax and refresh.

9. Less Caffeine

Less Caffeine

Don’t overdo it with energy drinks and coffee;

it will have the opposite affect that you are hoping for.2

10. Daylight


If you can, revise outside;

the sunlight has wonderful powers for productivity and enthusiasm.2

11. Avoid Late Night Snacks

Avoid Late Night Snacks

You can get in to a better sleeping regime ready to revise again tomorrow by not having any late night snacks.

12. Exam Calendar

Exam Calendar

Mark down all the important dates of exams so that you can plan your revision accordingly.

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