7 Types of Guys 👨🏽👦🏾👱🏼 You'll Meet in School 📚🖋 (and How to Deal with Them) 🙄🤔 ...


High school in movies isn’t the whole picture;

everything isn’t black and white with your nice, gorgeous guys and mean, equally gorgeous jerks.

There are so many personality types that you’ll encounter in high school, some good, some bad, some in between!

Here’s how to deal with a few of the most common ones.

1. The Fabulous Bestie

You might become friends with him because you notice that you’re wearing the same H&M sweater one day, and he’ll compliment your fashion sense as he flips his hipster haircut.

This is your fabulous bestie!

He doesn’t fit into any one clique, but rather he’s pretty much friends with everyone!

How will you deal with him?

Almost exactly the way you would with any of your girl friends, just try not to verbally acknowledge his femininity all of the time.

But gratefully accept his fashion advice, talk about your favorite reality shows, and take frequent trips to the mall.

2. The Know It All and Tell It All

Teenage boys often feel the need to prove themselves, so they’ll brag about anything from how far they can throw a football, to how amazing their intellect is.

Odds are, you’ll get stuck sitting next to the know-it-all in at least one class in high school.

And, since he is trying to stand out, he won’t be quiet about it—he might try to bring you down to show that he’s smarter, and therefore more of a man.

I know it sounds weird;

but boys are weird!

But just let him have his prideful moments and ignore him as best as you can.

If he gets too cocky though, don’t hesitate to put him in his place.2

3. The Druggie

My sophomore year Spanish class, I was seated in front of all three of the class’s “burnouts”.

They would talk about drug deals—in class!—fail to understand anything, copy my assignments, and once one tried to massage my back…sin permiso!2

Clearly, that wasn’t the greatest situation, so here’s how to deal with it: ignore them.

Snap at them when they touch you or say something really dumb or alarming, but generally just don’t get involved!

Life will punish them plenty in the future.

The Heartthrob
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