Top Tips for Teens to Keep Their Skin Clean ...


For teens, keeping clear skin can become very stressful...

which in fact makes the problem worse.

Being a teen is difficult enough, without having stresses that are readily avoidable.

Obviously, these tips might not work for everyone, so consulting a dermatologist is also recommended.

Here are some tips for teens keeping clear skin.

Try them one at a time, or all together, and you'll be on your way to clear skin today...

1. Keep It Natural

This is one of the easiest ways for teens keeping clear skin to know.

It may sound obvious but the more products that you put on your skin, the more it clogs your pores, therefore the harder the dirt will be to remove.

When wearing makeup, make sure that you use remover every night or when you get in from school.2

This will decrease the chance of your skin clogging up and breaking out.

Less is More
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