7 Tips for Successful Study Groups ...


Before you dive in to choose the participants and the frequency of meetings etc, you’d do well to read these tips for successful study groups.

If you’re going to opt to share your study experience, you want to be sure you can make the most of the experience and that the group is mutually beneficial.

Follow these tips for successful study groups to ensure that you and your classmates get all that you can from it.

1. A Genuine Belief That Studying Together is Fun

You need to pick the right team, or build the right team.

This is one of the best tips for successful study groups because the team you pick will determine how successful your study group becomes.

You do not have to pick a group that is the smartest, or a group that is the best of friends.

What you need is a group of people that do not regard studying as β€œwork.” The topics and knowledge must inspire them enough to make them want to study.

The best way to guarantee this is to find people that think studying this sort of thing is fun.

2. Not a Scrap of Negativity

If anyone is negative in the group, then it is like adding oil to fresh water.

You need to make sure that every person in the group is against negativity.

One negative person will infect the rest of the group.

You do not need a team of people that are positive all the time, you can all be tired, and can all have better things to do, but nobody is allowed to be negative ever.

Just one negative comment, even if it is off the topic, is not allowed.2

3. Bounce Ideas off Each Other

This is one of the best things about study groups.

You are able to bounce ideas off each other.2

Do this and you will all come up with better ideas and you will all have more fun.

Everybody sitting around coming up with their own ideas is not fun and not that productive.

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