7 Tips for Breaking Bad News to Your Parents ...


Perhaps you’ve got into some sort of trouble, and you need some tips for breaking bad news to your parents. No worries, I can help you out! I’ve been there myself before, regardless that I wasn’t a troublemaker, to say the least. Life can happen, and even when things aren’t your fault, a bad situation can still result. Or, even if you’ve made a recent bad choice and have to break the bad news to your parents, there are some tips for breaking bad news to them, and anyone else, that can help make it easier. Check these out and remember them next time you get a bout of bad news you have to share with someone, especially your parents.

1. Pick a Good Time

One of the most important tips for breaking bad news to your parents, or anyone else, is to wait for a good time. The mornings right before school or on the way out the door are not the time to tell them! Wait until you can all sit down and talk. They’ll be less likely to get upset about what happened, and not be upset that you picked an inconvenient time to tell them.

Don’t Wait Too Long
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