The 7 Best College Towns in All of America ...


Summer is just starting, but it will fly by and at the end, many of you will be starting your first semester of college!

You should be excited no matter what, to experience life in a new place and start working toward your degree.

But if you’re going to school in one of these cities, you’ve earned yourself some extra bragging rights.

1. Boston, MA

Boston, MA

I may be biased, since I go to school in Boston’s neighbor, Cambridge, but let’s just say I’m “well-informed” instead.

Boston is the epitome of a college town!

There’s BU, BC, Emerson, Northeastern, and many more—not to mention Harvard and MIT just across the river.

With that many students around, there’s always something to do and someone interesting to meet!

The one downside to Boston is that it doesn’t have much night life— just ask anyone from one of the schools I mentioned above!— but there are plenty of concerts and shows going on all the time, and great food, so your weekends are never truly boring.

2. New York City, NY

New York City, NY

It's been called the greatest city in America and even the world, so why not let New York City be your campus?

Any one of the five boroughs is a blast to explore;

you can easily spend four years in this city and never have a boring moment!

Plus, you have so many options between CUNY and SUNY schools, as well as private universities, you're bound to find a place you belong and friends you love.

3. Boulder, CO

Boulder, CO

It's probably impossible to be a stereotypical stressed college students when all of the natural beauty of Colorado is in your backyard!

There are tons of amazing locations for relaxing or adventurous weekend getaways in Boulder, CO.2

Plus, a cute, fun city to explore when you don't feel like venturing too far out of your comfort zone.

Charlottesville, VA
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