7 Reasons Why a Little Part of All of Us Wants to Be Blair Waldorf ...


Thinking back on Gossip Girl, I came to a realization that a little part of all of us wants to be Blair Waldorf.

Looking back, she is one of the most memorable characters who, despite all of the drama, came on top!

Blair has a strong personality, wisdom beyond her years and looks to kill for, so why wouldnโ€™t we want to fill in her shoes?

She is Blair Waldorf after all.

1. Her Planning Skills Are Phenomenal

Her Planning Skills Are Phenomenal

For such a young lady, Blair Waldorf was amazing at organizing events for some of the most important people.

She never let the pressure get to her and got things done when needed.

In comparison to everyone else, her organizational skills were something to be envious about.

It must feel good to have everything figured out!

2. She Pulls off Preppy Better than Anyone else

She Pulls off Preppy Better than Anyone else

Blair went through a big style transition, but remember her high school days?

She was the epitome of preppy with headbands on headbands!

Even the school uniform looked extra fashionable on her, while everyone else fell to the background.

She always knew how to present herself!

3. She Has Minions

She Has Minions

Letโ€™s admit it, most of Blair Waldorfโ€™s power came from her minions.

They followed her around and did everything she told them to.

Together they made a trio nobody wanted to mess with.

Of course they later rebelled and became their own people, but it was fun while it lasted!3

4. She is Powerful

She is Powerful

When it came to fixing problems, Blair always managed to figure it out.2

She had the money, the status and the connections to get everything how she wanted it.

Even back in high school, she was the Queen Bee, ruling the school like she was born to do it.

I wonder what it would feel like to be her for a day.

She is Feared
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