9 Reasons to Go to College ...


People often go on and on about the importance of post-secondary education, but don’t always mention the specific reasons to go to college.

By no means is college the right path for everyone;

some people are better suited to enter the workforce right after high school, start up a company, or start a family.

But it’s still important to consider the many reasons to go to college, because they might just convince you to take the path toward a higher education, instead of another.

1. Make More Money

For many, one of the most convincing reasons to go to college is the allure of a more lucrative career in the future.

While not every college grad makes more than every high school grad, on average the numbers show that people with a bachelor’s degree make 84% more than those without, over the course of their lifetime.

Over the decades, this difference in pay can have a major impact on your lifestyle!

2. Find Yourself

On a less materialistic note, college is a great place to find yourself.

It sounds cliché, I know, but it’s true!

In college, you will be exposed to people from all walks of life, whether they be professors or fellow students, and they will shape you into the person you were meant to be.

Knowing who you are is arguably the most important discovery you can ever make, and college provides a nurturing environment for that sort of discovery to take place.

3. Make Friends

Although high school was a nice place to make friends, college will be even better!

No matter where you live, your college is likely to have many international students, meaning you’ll meet people you would never have met otherwise.2

Who knows, your future maid of honor—or even future spouse— could be waiting for you at college!

Make Connections
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