Real World 🌎 101: Grocery Shopping 🛒 like an Actual 👌🏼 Adult ...


My friends and I often complain about how we don’t know how to adult.

Taxes, work, finding a place to live, even grocery shopping can be daunting tasks you have to face after high school or college.

But if there’s anything “Adult-like” I do understand, it’s grocery shopping!

Here’s a few tips to make sure you grocery shop like an adult.

1. Make a List

Make a List

Grocery shopping seems like a simple enough task that you can go in blind.

But when you’re a “virgin grocery shopper”, (so to speak) you really need some guidelines to limit you.

Without a grocery list, you might overspend on junk food, forget to buy what you really need or, often times, both!

Just like athletes don’t go into a game without having studied their game plan, you can’t begin your grocery shopping career without any guidelines.

Trust me, you’ll be a much more productive grocery shopper when you have a list to help you!

2. Bring a Calculator

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Being a poor college student or recent grad is a totally valid excuse for being the weird girl calculating in the grocery store aisles!

There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting to the front of a grocery line and realizing you really can’t afford everything you just threw in your cart.

That’s why a calculator is your pride’s (and your bank account’s!) best friend.

3. Learn from an Expert

Learn from an Expert

If you have an older sibling or parent who’s a tried-and-true grocery shopper, you should ask to shadow them.

I learned grocery shopping from my mom when I was younger, so when she started making me do so on my own in high school, the transition wasn’t as huge.

If you haven’t had the same chance to follow your mom around the grocery store, just know that it’s never too late!

Plus, I’m sure she’d love the extra help.2

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