7 Cool 😎 Places Teens Can Look πŸ‘€ for a Boyfriend πŸ’ ...


Teens can look for a boyfriend in a number of safe, interesting places.2

Despite this, many teens looking for romance come up empty handed.

That doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with youβ€”maybe you just haven’t looked in the right place yet!

If you're looking for love (or just some arm candy!) make sure you look in all the best places!

1. Class

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Okay, it's obvious, I know, but it's good to start with the easiest location!

You spend the majority of your time here and, assuming you don't attend and all girls' school, half the population is male!

You could start looking for a boyfriend today and find him by your second period!2

2. Church

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If you go to any sort of religious gathering on a regular basis, you might be able to find a boyfriend who shares your morals and your family trusts, more than a guy from school.

While finding a boyfriend shouldn't be your main priority when going to church, temple, etc., keep your eyes open!

After service ends, stick around a while to mingle with the other students and see if you're interested in anyone.

3. Sports

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Most schools have a male and female version of each sports team.

I've found that at my school, the boys team usually comes to games and events to support the girls team and vice versa.

That means you'll be seeing lots of boys, with an added bonus that they're athletic and share a similar hobby with you!2

4. Local Cafe


Starbucks, or any place like it, is a great place to meet potential boyfriends!

At night and on weekends, college and high school students often go there to study.

Ask for homework help or a drink recommendation to start a conversation, then let the sparks fly!2

5. Local Restaurant

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Cafes can be busy and noisy at the wrong time of day, but in a small, local restaurant you'll find a more intimate setting where you can really get to know someone.

The key here is that you make yourself "look available".2

Go out with a female friend or two, then smile at the guy you want to talk to.

But keep in mind that if you go to dinner with a male friend, you might send the wrong message!

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