7 Outfits You'll Need Throughout Your Senior Year of High School ...


The last few months of your senior year will probably be the most important of your high school career.

There are so many important events during those last few months that you need to plan outfits for.2

It can get quite pricey if you wait until the last month or so to start buying your outfits.

If you start planning for these major events now, you won’t be stuck with the major price tags a few months from now!2

1. A Prom Dress


One of the most important items of clothing you’ll buy during your senior year is a prom dress.

If you’ve had your eye on your favorite gown for a while, but the price tag isn’t in your budget, start saving now so that you can afford it by the time Prom rolls around.

The earlier you start saving;

the better chances you’ll have of being able to afford the dress of your dreams!

2. A Graduation Dress


During the last few weeks of high school, it felt like I was dressing up for a different event every other day.

By the time my actual graduation ceremony rolled around, I was so over finding cute dresses to wear that I just wore a sundress I found in my closet.

I, like most people, figured that I’d be wearing my gown over my dress for most of the day.

As it turns out, the day of my graduation was one of the hottest days ever, meaning we all spent approximately 20 minutes in our gowns before ripping them off, and leaving me in a dress that I didn’t love.

The day you graduate from high school is one of the most important days of your life, and you’ll always look back on the pictures from that day.

Wear something you absolutely love!

A Senior Picture Ensemble
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