Essential Survivial Tips for Girls Who Are Going to Live Alone for the First Time🏠👱 ...


Living alone for the first can be both exciting and terrifying.

However, there are a lot of different aspects of it that you just don’t think of, especially emotional aspects, that you wish you would’ve prepared for before you moved.

If you’re currently planning to live on your own but don’t know where to begin, follow the tips on this list!

1. Save

When you’re suddenly in charge of your finances, or simply when you have money to spend for the first time, it can be easy to just want to splurge 24/7.

Rather than let your finances slip away from you, come up with a method to track them.

Whether you keep it in a phone or a notebook, budget how much you’re spending each month, what you’re spending money on, and where you’re saving money.

2. Meal Prep

When you’re used to have housemates, a dorm cafeteria, or your parents to cook for you for the majority of your meals, being in charge of your own meals every day of the week can get a little intense.

Whether you’re working or going to school, prepare your meals in advance.

Prepare healthy lunches to bring to work or school with you in advance so you don’t grab food that’s bad for you when you’re running out the door.

If you’re constantly ordering takeout when you come home late at night, prepare some meals in advance so you simply have to throw in the oven or on the stove when you get home.

It’s faster and healthier than takeout!

3. Leave the House

When you’re living alone, it can become comfortable to just stay at home most of the time.

You don’t have anyone around encouraging you to get out of your comfort zone.

Rather than let yourself get comfortable with staying in, force yourself to get out there from the very beginning.

Stay Accountable
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