How to Cope 😒 when Your Parents Divorce πŸ’” for Girls Who Can't Seem to Figure It All out πŸ˜” ...


Finding out that your parents are going to get divorced is a terrible shock.

Even if you were aware that they weren't getting on, you may have hoped that they would manage to sort our their problems.

So hearing that they are going for a divorce makes it very clear that it's over for them.2

And that means big changes for you and your siblings.

So how can you deal with your parents getting divorced?

1. Don't Get Angry at Them - They're Hurting Too

You may feel angry that your parents are splitting up, and blame them for ruining your life.

But however angry you feel, don't hit out at your parents.

They are going through a lot of pain as well, and are bound to feel guilty about the effect on you;

taking your feelings out on them will make it worse.

You're entitled to feel upset, but so are they.

2. They're Divorcing Each Other, Not You

Remember that while your parents may be splitting up from each other, they are not going to stop being your parents.2

One of them will be moving out, and it will hurt not to see them every day.

But they still love you as much as ever.

They're not walking out on you.

3. It Hurts, However Old You Are

Whatever age you are, watching your parents split up is painful.3

Even if you're old enough to have children of your own, it still hurts.

Acknowledge your feelings and don't try to 'put on a brave face'.3

You may feel that you've got to be strong for your younger siblings, but even if you're in your teens you may still want to cry.

4. Your Life May Be Better

Yes, I know it sounds impossible to believe, but your life can actually be better when your parents split up.

If they've been arguing a lot, or there's been an unpleasant atmosphere for a long time, things may improve a lot when they separate.

There is a stage of grief and loss to go through, but when things settle down you may find the new situation more comfortable.

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