How to Be the Best Babysitter in Your Neighborhood ...


Babysitting can be an under-rated service but it shouldnโ€™t be.

It is accessible to most students and parents are generally appreciative.

Parents want to be sure they have the best caregiver for their children and if you build yourself a reputation for excellent service you can build a good client base and enough a decent amount of money.

So what are the qualities that will make you the best babysitter in your neighborhood?2

1. Positive Energy

One of the key qualities of a great babysitter is to exude heaps of positive energy, both towards the children and towards the parents who are hiring you.

There is a reason why all of the most successful childrenโ€™s TV presenters are bubbly and full of life - itโ€™s because children naturally gravitate towards that kind of energy and while they are having a good time, the parents will see that you are making a real effort and will always put you on top of their list.

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